How to write an essay

How To Improve Reading Comprehension

How to write an essay

How to write an essay

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If you need to improve your reading, you aren’t alone! Many people have trouble reading. Many people also have trouble passing tests that involve reading. Why? When they read, they make the same mistakes over and over.

You can improve your reading if you stop repeating such mistakes. You can do so by breaking reading down into smaller steps.

Here is a way to improve your reading comprehension for school and tests, for work and life.

How to Begin

Before you begin reading, decide something. What are you going to read about?

Look at the title of what you’re reading. The title (name) tells you what you’re reading about.

Close your eyes for a moment. Think of anything you already know about this topic.

Connect Reading to What You Already Know

It’s time to connect (link) your new reading to what you already know. Take out a sheet of paper.

  • List four things that you already know about this topic.
  • List four words you might come across while you are reading.
  • List two questions that might come up in the reading.

Remembering what you already know about a topic will improve your reading comprehension.

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